Silvia Tomasich

👋🏽 Hello!

I am Silvia, an art director with more than 10 years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry. I have worked in retail companies and advertising agencies leading creative teams to produce advertising campaigns for several leading brands in the industry with international productions (NY, Colombia and Chile).

In addition, I have experience in creating content for digital channels, photography and audiovisual. Some of my skills include handling of design and video tools, creative capacity and adaptation ability.

My passion for fashion and beauty has allowed me to have a unique approach to creative work. I have worked in high-pressure environments, with tight deadlines and high-quality expectations, which has allowed me to develop skills to work under pressure and make informed decisions quickly.

Throughout my career as an art director I have also had editorials published in: J Magazine, EllementsMagazine, JuteMagazine and Vogue Latam.